Announcing: 2019 Peoria Irish Fest – Erin Feis Bands

Doolin’ is France’s premiere Celtic band,  From ballads to furiously fast jigs, from their own compositions to traditional tunes, they offer a rich sound. Natives of Toulouse, Doolin’ combines instrumentals, vocals and original compositions in a resolutely modern style. That’s Doolin’ – Irish music with a French touch!

The Gothard Sisters are a dynamic musical group of three sisters who play contemporary Celtic music. Blending Celtic, folk, classical, world and northwest musical influences, the Gothard Sisters bring songs to life, creating music that is “vivid, inspirational and captivating.”  (Tim Carroll, Folk Words Review 2018)

Seven Nations is not your father’s Celtic band. With a passionate, tender, and rollicking style, Seven Nations has earned a growing reputation as an adventurous band with a charismatic stage presence. It’s Seven Nations’ 25 Years Says It All anniversary tour; marking a quarter of a century of the band’s ground-breaking Celtic Fusion-Rock music. Their anniversary tour promises to be an extraordinary anniversary celebration.

Award-winning instrumentalists each in their own right,  this group forms an exciting and dynamic transatlantic trio that presents a rousing blend of Irish and American folk music. Through a shared deep-rooted passion for Irish traditional music, this trio highlights the vital role of Irish traditional music as an origin of many American folk music.

Twice winners of Scotland’s Traditional Music Live Act of the Year Award (2016 and 2011), they create a unique fusion of folk, trad, rock and pop that represents all the different personalities and upbringing of the 8 band members who hail from different regions of Scotland.

The Noble Call is something a lot of people have been waiting for a long time to hear. Joined by Mick Broderick and a group of superior musicians, Paddy Homan sings his way through the best of real Irish music in a total package. Really, this group has everything. Best of all, they really know how to deliver in a concert. The Noble Call is here, and we hear them calling. Don’t miss them!

JigJam are a multi-award winning quartet from the heart of the midlands in Ireland. Blending the best of traditional Irish music with Bluegrass and Americana in a new genre which has been branded as ‘I-Grass’ (Irish influenced Bluegrass), their onstage energy along with their virtuosic musical ability has captivated audiences throughout the world.

Kennedy’s Kitchen has been making Irish music together since 1998, averaging about 80 shows per year playing everything from backyard parties and weddings to pubs, concert halls, and national festivals. They are family and friends, gathering for dinner, laughter, and music. It’s a mix of all things Irish from traditional to pub songs, from toe-tapping to deeply moving….and it’s always fun.

The Larkin and Moran Brothers started as a folk quartet in 2002 that evolved into a full fledged Celtic rock band. They are considered as one of the most followed and sought after Irish/Celtic music bands in the Midwest. Based in Chicago – Shay Clarke of the Irish American News has said that “The Larkin and Moran Brothers have a sense of fun and energy that is rare these days (in Irish music)…” 

The Kells play primarily what is called Traditional Irish Music. This is in essence the “soul music” of the Irish race. With a genuine passion and a sincere sense of purpose the Kells pour their hearts into playing lively jigs, spirited reels and haunting airs. Their music is an inspired and mighty sound called “Hardcore Irish Trad.” It is music for all ages – and for the ages.

Get ready to kick up your heels … or simply sit back and enjoy.  Whether it’s a rousing sing-a-long, a tear-jerker love song or dancing groove.  Any way you go, you’re not likely to be sitting still… for long.  These gents and lass pull just about anything and play a holy host of merry noisemakers.

Local favorites, Turas plays a wide variety of Irish/Celtic music, never failing to deliver on good music and good times.  So sit back, draw yourself a pint, and join them in the journey . . . of friends who gather to share songs, stories, and good times (what the Irish call craic).  

From Springfield, Illinois, Skibbereen is a band of several dedicated musicians with over one hundred years of professional musical pursuit making their own brand of Celtic music. Skibbereen is also excited to bring many “otherworldly” musical styles they have developed from Celtic back into their unique musical message.

Besides being talented, energetic and quite often in tune, members of this eclectic, neo-suburban-folk-pub trio play both kinds of music: Irish and Celtic. Audience involvement is always on tap when the Zukes unleash their high-energy interpretations. And the tunes are accompanied by great good humor, including an expanding repertoire of jokes not quite from around here.

The Shanties “New Irish” music is filled with rocked-up Irish favorites, old, new and originals. We have a common love for the Irish melody. Though there is nothing sweeter than an Irish ballad played by 4 singers – 2 guys and 2 girls, the focus is the up-tempo rowdier melodies with pop Irish influence from Solas, Gaelic Storm, Great Big Sea and Flogging Molly to name a few.

The McDowells
Duffy’s Revenge

“Celtic music with an attitude.” With some backgrounds in bangpipe bands, while others are in rock and blues, these guys come together and are a great addition to the Celtic music scene in Central Illinois.

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