Cultural Village

Stroll through our Cultural Village and stop to enjoy Irish history, art and much more. 

The Hedge School – the place many Irish learned their history and language. In the “dark days” it was illegal to learn Gaelic, the history of Ireland or its culture. Teachers and priests, under the threat of being hanged if caught, held secret classes in the hedge rows along the road. Our hedge school (located at the Main Gate) is a place to learn about the culture.

During the day, we have “classes” on the meaning of Irish Idiom, what a place name means, a Q&A with one of our headlining bands and a story teller. See daily schedule below:


12:30 — Irish Place Name Meaning
1:30 — Irish Stories
2:30 — “Ask the Band” with Seven Nations
3:30 — Irish Idiom
4:45 — Irish Stories


12:00 — Irish Stories
1:15 — Irish Place Name Meaning
2:30 — Irish Stories

In the evening, the classroom in the Hedge School turns into a Tasting Room. We have classes on the various tastes of seven Irish Whiskeys and seven Scotch. These classes are limited and by reservation only. There is a charge. Register at the “Reservation Booth” by the Hedge School under the arch of the Gateway Building.


6:00 – Scotch
7:15 – Irish Whiskey


6:00 – Scotch
7:15 – Irish Whiskey

There is much to explore and celebrate in the Village such as specialty jewelry, Celtic products, and this year, you can even take home your very own Irish Fest potato head.

Other Cultural Village highlights include:

  • Ancient Order of Hiberians Exhibit and Raffle Booth
  • Adam Probert Celtic Jewelry
  • Maggie Bertram Foundation
  • Irish Entertainers
  • Friends of Clonmel (Ireland Sister City)
  • Irish Wake
  • Letters from Home Exhibit
  • Irish Boxing Exhibit
  • St Patrick Society Booth
  • Herself Exhibit
  • Five Farms Irish Creamery

And more….!!

We’ll be waiting for you in the Cultural Village!