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We get the best (bands) of all worlds (Part 1)

Ever wonder how bands are selected to perform at the Peoria Irish Fest? Chances are, there is more to it than you would have thought possible.

Well, OK. The first part is easy. Local bands have developed public interest in Irish music for many years, and we believe we have a duty to support them. So, local favorites are the first to get in. They’re like old friends knocking on your front door. You just know you’re in for a good time!

Turas has played Kelleher’s on St. Patrick’s Day since, like, forever. The Roundstone Buskers are regulars at the Fox Pub. Duffy’s Revenge, the Bogside Zukes and the Four Leaf Rovers and others play frequently around Peoria and will be on our stages again.

If you’re a fan of these local favorites, be sure to check out our discounted tickets, which are only available on our website. Support your favorite local artists by getting all of your friends who also enjoy them to turn out for their next Peoria Irish Fest performance.

Next time … how do big name bands get to Peoria?