Announcing: Peoria Irish Fest 2022 Bands

Their show is a wonderful blend of the old and the new. Irish songs, lively jigs and reels and heart-wrenching slow airs transport the listener on an enchanted musical journey. Cherish the Ladies make centuries-old music their own with music that has been passed down from generation to generation enhancing it with tasteful new arrangements and talented renditions.
Cherish the Ladies level of artistic, historic, and purely enticing entertainment is unlike any in its genre.

Screaming Orphans, a genre-bending, chart-topping all-sister band from Ireland, are known worldwide for their award-winning sound, combining original pop songs with a unique take on traditional Irish music.
The band has always defied being pigeonholed, having masterfully developed their own unique fusion of folk and pop. The sisters’ trademarks, spine-tingling fourpart harmony and mastery of their instruments, combine with their highly energized performances to take audiences of all ages on an exhilarating and emotional musical journey.

The Narrowbacks

nar·row·back /ˈnæroʊˌbæk/ [nar-oh-bak] –noun Slang. 1. Disparaging. an Irish-American. 2. a person of slight build who is unfit for hard labor. The brain child of a future banker and a drop out bartender, The Narrowbacks are a fresh voice for songs and stories old and new. After some late night sing songs, a couple whiskeys and a few lost jobs we came up with a young punk attitude that found itself running through the veins of an old time folk band. The Narrowbacks: American First, Irish Always.

The Byrne Brothers are a multi award winning family band and Irish dancers from Dublin and one of the biggest names in traditional Irish music today. They are Luca 18 on Accordion, Finn 16 on Banjo, Mandolin and Guitar, Dempsey 13 on Bodhran & Whistle and Dad, Tommy on Uilleann Pipes, Bagpipes, Fiddle and Guitar. All County Champions on their instruments and Ulster Champion Irish Dancers.
The Byrne Brothers are making a great name for themselves in America and all over the world as a festival “must see” band!

From the deepest roots of Canada and its very earliest musical traditions come Nova Scotian sisters Cassie and Maggie, putting their own 21st Century stamp on the Celtic soundtrack of this nation. Exciting and innovative, their talent is surpassed only by the sheer joy they exude in performance. Alternating between Gaelic and English, traditional and contemporary, haunting and electrifying, the duo is nothing short of mesmerizing.

The Noble Call derives its origins from that age old Irish tradition of ‘calling’ on invited guests to share their favorite song or tune or dance.The point is to keep the ‘craic’ going and everyone singing and enjoying themselves!  The Noble Call band is made up of some of Ireland’s leading musicians. 

Adam Agee & Jon Sousa journey through the Irish idiom on fiddle, guitar, and tenor banjo, and have been enchanting listeners on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean for over a decade. Adam & Jon put down musical roots in County Clare, where they lived together, and now make frequent visits.  Their connection to their instruments and the transcendent energy in their music is guaranteed to captivate and uplift audiences of all ages.

Kennedy’s Kitchen are family and friends, that gather Thursday evenings for dinner, laughter, and music rooted in traditional Irish Music: jigs, reels, hornpipes, aires, recitations, stories, and songs…..adding their own compositions. It’s a mix of all things Irish, from traditional to pub songs, from toe-tapping to deeply moving….and it’s always fun.

Still Shine is a group of like-minded, seasoned musicians blending acoustic roots and progressive bluegrass. Mixing mandolin, harmonica, banjo, acoustic guitar, upright bass, and tight harmonies they quickly gained a following around Central Illinois area and the local Midwest. The band performs an upbeat, energetic show you won’t want to miss!

A local favorite at Peoria Irish Fest!

Local favorites, Turas plays a wide variety of Irish/Celtic music, never failing to deliver on good music and good times.  So sit back, draw yourself a pint, and join them in the journey . . . of friends who gather to share songs, stories, and good times (what the Irish call craic).  

From Springfield, Illinois, Skibbereen is a band of several dedicated musicians with over one hundred years of professional musical pursuit making their own brand of Celtic music. Skibbereen is also excited to bring many “otherworldly” musical styles they have developed from Celtic back into their unique musical message.

Besides being talented, energetic and quite often in tune, members of this eclectic, neo-suburban-folk-pub trio play both kinds of music: Irish and Celtic. Audience involvement is always on tap when the Zukes unleash their high-energy interpretations. And the tunes are accompanied by great good humor, including an expanding repertoire of jokes not quite from around here.

Broken Brogue is a four-piece Irish band based in Decatur, Illinois that plays a variety of Celtic music rooted in the time-honored artistic traditions of Ireland and Scotland. Noted for their relaxed and warm-hearted performing style, their performances are informed by the diverse musical backgrounds of the members. Their sentiment is always to bring people together through a mutual appreciation of the Celtic musical tradition and the sincere emotion and enjoyment that comes with it.

Get ready to kick up your heels … or simply sit back and enjoy.  Whether it’s a rousing sing-a-long, a tear-jerker love song or dancing groove.  Any way you go, you’re not likely to be sitting still… for long.  These gents and lass pull just about anything and play a holy host of merry noisemakers.