2021 Artist Workshops

Get up close and personal with your favorite performers! Stepping out of their “professional performance” role, these artists invite you into their inner circle. Whether to teach you something about playing their instrument or in a group … or telling tales of life on the road … or the history behind the music … or whatever compelling, behind-the-scenes information they choose to convey. It will be time well spent! 

Saturday Workshops:

1:00:    Adam and Jon:   Playing Together: The Art of Dynamic Communication through Music

Of course musical performers have to master their instruments, but there’s more – they also have to learn how to play in a group. Stop by and pick up some tips for playing well with others.

2:00:    Members of Lunasa:   Tools of the Trade

Lunasa are absolute masters of traditional Irish music. Take this chance to sit down with them and learn about the instruments they use to make their magic.

3:00:    Scythian:   Show me your Shanties

 Come learn a Sea Shanty with Scythian. It’s a great way to be ready for their show on Saturday night.

 4:00:    Eileen Ivers:   Off-Roadin’ (behind the music)

Eileen Ivers dazzles with her violin virtuosity. Stop by and find out how she does it.

5:00:    RUNA: Celebrating Our Roots and Stretching Our Branches – Exploring the Journey Between Celtic and Bluegrass Music

Celtic and bluegrass music are closely related relatives. Find out how and why, directly from the experts.

2022 Workshops Coming Soon!