Grafton Street Vendors


Is it possible to have too much shopping? No, we don’t think so, either!

So be sure to visit the Grafton Street Vendors tent early and often. From the funny to the fantastic, from the silly to the sublime, from the historic to the hysterical … the quality and variety of the goods you’ll find there will put a smile on every Leprechaun’s face!

Cannot find Grafton Street Vendors?  We moved them.

Grafton Street Vendors new location is at the western edge of the grounds next to the Snug and across the sidewalk from the Dance Stage. The tent is bigger and we have got it full.
Vendors:  World of Faeries * Keltic Karavan * Old Sarg Jerky * Irish Imports Intl. * Irish Jeweler * ZAXCO * Kiltman * Alpacha Creations

Can not find the food vendors that were under the bridge?  We moved them. See the Festival Map HERE.

Why is there a big fence closing off the area under the bridge? Stuff was falling off the bridge that shouldn’t. Stuff that  could hurt you. That is why the great state of Illinois decided to close this area for the next 2 years. Repair work will start in 2020 and should be done by the 2021 Peoria Irish Fest.