The Snug

Although one would have to search pretty hard to find an authentic snug in this modern day, prior to the 1960’s they were quite common.

Social conventions at the time prohibited respectable women from being seen drinking inside a pub. Instead, in a small, screened-off room attached to the end of a bar, women — along with men of the cloth and possibly even a policeman — could enjoy a pint served through a small door to protect their privacy. Also in the snug, the matchmaker, usually a trusted old man, would discretely arrange marriages between the sons and daughters of local farmers and shopkeepers.

Those days and traditions are now in the past — everyone is welcome in each of our pubs. The pub we call “The Snug” has evolved from a small and nearly hidden venue into the cornerstone of what we lovingly call “The Whiskey District” of Peoria Irish Fest.  The Snug is a little larger than it once was, but it is still brimming with traditional entertainment and volunteers ready to slake your thirst with one of many satisfying drinks. 

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